Waste & Recycling

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Garbage and Recycling pickup is the following:

Monday: Communities of St. Adolphe and Ste Agathe, PR 200, Lasko Rd, Leclaire Rd (West of Bernat Rd), Schapansky Rd, Friesen Rd, Sood Rd, PR 210, Twin Creek Rd, Leblanc Rd, Gauthier Rd, Courchaine Blvd, Brodeur Blvd, Carriere Dr, Beaulieu Rd, Fontaine Rd, Batoche Way, Voyageur Rd, Industrial Park Dr, and PR 305.

Tuesday: Community of Ile des Chênes, Leclaire Rd (East of Bernat Rd), Cyril Pl, Leonard Pl, Ash Lane, Habitant Rd, Falk Rd, PTH 59 (South of Leblanc Rd), Gauthier Rd, Prefontaine Rd, Bernat Rd (South of Prefontaine Rd) and Stott Rd.

Friday: Communities of Howden and Grande Pointe, Red River Dr, Marchand Rd, Tencha Rd, Bartmanovich Rd, Brady Rd, Waverley Rd, Andrechuk Rd, PR 247, PTH 75, Prairie Rd, Campeau Rd, Glenlea Rd, Schindel Rd, PR 210 (West of St. Adolphe), Nolette Rd, Kelburn Rd, Southside Rd, Lavallee Rd, Belot Rd, Oak Grove Rd, Mondor Rd, Swerdyliak Rd, Red Rose Rd, and Bernat Rd (North of Leclaire Rd).

Yard Waste Map

2021 Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste & Bulk Waste Calendar 

2022 Garbage, Recycling, Yard Waste & Bulk Waste Calendar

Notice to Residents

Set out all materials before 7:00 AM

Acceptable and Non-Acceptable Recycling Materials

Please be advised of the following policies:

  • R.M. of Ritchot &  GFL Environmental will NOT be held responsible for damage to carts.
  • Recycling will not be picked up if it contains garbage or diapers.
  • Recycling carts or bags that include non-acceptable items WILL NOT be collected.
  • Labels, Lids & Handles may be left on carts.
  • Containers bearing a hazardous material logo are NOT acceptable - example: Bleach
  • Rural areas to use clear or transparent blue bags for recycling
  • Carts are registered to the property and should not be removed.