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What is a Variation?
A Variation is a request to change the required minimum or maximum measurement (sizes, distances, heights, site coverage, and uses) that are set out in the bulk table in our Zoning By-Law.

How to proceed with the application
Before submitting an application, call our office to speak with our planning staff to review, discuss plans, policies and regulations. This discussion will determine if the application should proceed to the next step.

Submitting an application
The Variation application is available at the Municipal office or on our website at the following link: Variation Application
The cost to apply is $300. We may ask for documents such as a general business plan, a site plan and general details, etc. that would explain the change of use.

When to submit an application
Upon receiving the application, the Municipality must hold a Public Hearing to consider the application. Council considers planning matters the third Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM. The application must be received no later than 15 days prior to the next meeting date.
Municipal Administration may conduct an on-site inspection and prepare a written report for Council.

Notice of Public Hearing
A notice of hearing will be sent out at least 14 days prior to the meeting date to all neighboring property owners within a 101 meter distance of the affected property and posted at the different public areas. The notice will indicate the applicants and owner's name, the location of meeting, location and map of the affected property, the time and date of the hearing and a brief description of the change of use.

What is your role?
Any person who has concerns about the Conditional Use application may voice their concerns at the hearing. If you are unable to attend, send your concerns in writing before the meeting. The correspondence will be read at the meeting.

During the Public Hearing
During the meeting, the Mayor will open the hearing and ask the CAO to read all the pertaining documents. The mayor will ask if anyone present wishes to make presentation for or against the application. Concerns citizens can have an opportunity to express their concerns. The applicant can take this opportunity to explain, answer questions and validate their proposal to Council.

Council Decision
Council will take into consideration the development plan, by-laws, the Planning Act, and regulations as to how this will affect the general environment of the surrounding area and the community as a whole. Council will make a decision to approve with or without conditions or to deny the application, or to defer the application to the following meeting due to a request for more information. Council may ask for the applicant to enter a Development Agreement with the Municipality.

Minor Variation
A Minor Variation may be granted without a Public Hearing if the variations requested do not exceed 15% of the Zoning By-Law requirements.
Cost of application is $100.

Anonymous letters or phone calls objecting the application will NOT be considered.