Fibre Optic Projects

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Internet is no longer just a nice thing to have—it is a necessity. Manitobans in rural and remote areas require access to high-speed Internet just as those in urban areas do, if not more—and we are proud to deliver that to them.

The representatives for JohnQ Public Inc. are thrilled to announce that, after much anticipation, high-speed Internet is coming to the communities of the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region.

The RM of Ritchot will be included in Phase One and will be connected over the next 12 months.  

“RFNOW will be offering residential, farm, and business packages with reasonable rates, hook-up fees, and unlimited data,” said Chris Kennedy, COO of RFNOW. “By hooking up more businesses and residents in each community, we can ensure access to RFNOW’s superior service for those who live in less densely populated areas.”   

The RM of Ritchot is one of six Phase One communities that were identified by a business case that ensures the sustainability and profitability of the project, allowing the network to then connect all communities across the Metro Region and beyond.

More information will be shared by the Phase One communities on where to sign up through their municipal websites, newsletters, and social channels.

Visit to learn more today.